Is Board Performance Paper or Corrugator Issue?

Question –

During the Science of Papermaking School you spoke of new generation corrugators making better board than the older machines.  I have attached some results of our product verses our competitor’s.  We both purchase paper from the same supplier and our results are significantly less.  The comments from the lab was that our caliper was better than our competitors.  I know we have an older machine, somewhere between a generation 2 and 3 vintage.  Is there any literature to point me in the right direction for trouble shooting.  The machine has been paralleled, temperatures are correct but our board does not seem to be performing as well as expected.  We have seen similar results in other board grades.  I don’t want to add more paper when we might actually have a machine issue.

Let’s discuss the aspects of a designed experiment to perform a corrugator audit. Is this something you may have done in the past? You can relate the Expected ECT Values that you are capable of achieving to your actual results. By changing the process variables one at a time, you can determine where in the process you have the weakest links and where you need to focus attention for corrective action.


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