Sourcing Re-closeable/resealable Apertures

Steve Asked Ralph –

It was great to see you and meet your lovely bride, in fT. Lauderdale.
I have a sourcing question. Where could I locate info on a recloseable/sealable opening or aperture type feature, to be used on a package holding towellettes such as baby wipes etc. I’ve seen recloseable foil materials, slits in thin gauge plastic etc. I think we’d be most interested in a film with a slit or a recloseable material…any thoughts? I know this is a bit out of the scope of your mission, but?

Steve, it was great to be with you again at the Spring Meeting.

One suggestion is to contact UN Fuller. I want to contact Dick Storat at PSSMA to see what our sister business uses. I’ll be back to you.

– Ralph

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