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Steve Asked Ralph,

We have a customer, who’s customer requires that they use a box company that is certified to print the UL cert. In going to the UL site, it is implies that simply to be able to print the cert….having nothing to do with the actual UL listing of the product being packaged or labeled, does in fact, require a “printers” certification.  Do you know if that is the case…frankly, getting a straight answer from them has been tedious and elusive.  Printers in our area for the most part, are not certified either.

Any experience with this? The cost is roughly $7500 first year and $3500/yr. thereafter minimum, with the likelihood this would increase. (that much we did get from the customer service desk.)

My friend George Cusdin offers this insight – Ralph

Underwriters Laboratories Certification is a Government decreed Health & Safety issue which is Internationally recognized.

Snippet from their web site.
UL is proud to join with code authorities to ensure that the equipment installations they authorize will be safe for community use. UL’s support enables authorities to safeguard the public trust. Whether an inspector, fire marshal, or other government employee responsible for field validation of installations, code authorities provide an important assurance of public safety, backed by the engineering expertise of UL through use of UL Marks and certification.

Underwriters Laboratories Certification – applies to the equipment inside the box and not the box itself.  However, the UL logo must be displayed on the outside of the box to indicate that the contents is UL Certified.
Here is the dilemma!
The UL Cert indicates that the contents is certified but should not be applied until the box has been filled with the certified goods.

Logically therefore, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the UL Certified product to apply the label at the point of packaging.

George Cusdin – FPS Consulting

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